Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's over.

Happy New Year fond readers!

Well the holiday season has treated us well. Making our way west, Toronto-bound was an experience. Now that we have come and gone, we have eaten, I have apparently shed some weight (stress-related I'm sure...we all know I don't know what exercise means) and drank too many glasses of Champers on NYE2009-10.

Back into reality, people tend to think of January as the 'write-off' month. Well, let's think about it; the first week is done, the second week, people are slowly checking their emails, maybe looking for a new job, eating leftovers...whatever. By the time you get to the third week, you realize January is basically over.

It's a shame really because December is pretty much the same thing.
I'm not going to write a whole thing about the fact that December pretty much ends around the 5th as people get holiday crazy, food crazy and just plain crazy but that's over and done with and not very timely in my opinion.
So, moving forward...

Kids, January is a brilliant month. You realize that there is a whole new year ahead of you, people make resolutions, eat better, stop smoking/drinking/(insert your vice here) and start appreciating the world getting back on track. We're no longer in holiday mode and-thankfully- there aren't any coming up (if you count Valentines, we are no longer speaking) so let's embrace January together.

So here's to 2010, put on that cute outfit you bought over xmas (which you probably can't get into now, greedy...), have cocktail parties with your friends, catch up with them and laugh at all the BS you each had to deal with from family members over the holidays and now:


velvet corseted pearl detail strapless dress-Vintage 69
elastic pyramid studded belt-Mendocino
Fold Hi leather ankle booties- United Nude

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