Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The year in perspective?

To be honest, that title is a little misleading. I'm not really going to go over the things that inspired me to change jobs or cut my hair or move house/country or anything that sounds like a horoscope.
I decided to think about the top 3 things, or groups of things (hey, it's my blog, I make up the rules) that I might have donned which has an influence on my choices this past year...I know, very vague....keep reading.

Ok, so what we have here is a frock I've worn to death in 2009 and yet, investment piece! I like an old cocktail-style dress à la Bubby Molly (don't ask questions. You should know Bubby Molly) where you can add your own current look to it. You might be going through a terrible fashion phase at the moment (which many of you are, let's be honest, it's a new year) but if you find something to add to a simple, timeless dress, you will see many many years ahead with your now (I'm sure) smelly attire.

I chose a leather bomber (Brick Lane somewhere), tights and Longchamp. Oh, and this topshop dress has little épaulettes on the sleeves...too cute, but you can't see it here. I'll style this up for you another time for a full view.

The next divine items on this random list of 'perspective' is ethical fashion!! OK, so everyone went absolutely bananas over ethical fashion with designers or celebs (Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Stella...obv. etc.) agreeing to design ranges and products and sticking their face to everything they could find that had the words 'ethical' or 'green'.

I was very fortunate enough to be at the heart of the ethical fashion front lines by working for Terra Plana (followed by Soul of Africa) where I managed (thanks to my sample size feet! JOY!) to try literally every pair that was made; these Maples are by far my favorite.

We also had some wonderful friends, one being Katherine Hamnett and the girls who were very sweet to me and sent a couple Tees my way (one being the 'Stay Alive in 85' top which I happend to be wearing the same day this picture of SJPeePee was in the London Paper. When you're on a packed train, trust me, this is embarassing)

People Tree and Del Forte were also friends of the brand and although these images aren't from their collections, they are great brands to know and are inspired by their designs. Plus I just love jeggings (jeans+leggings)...you'll catch a glimpse of that here at some point...and they are toight!

Finally....American Apparel!
I know it's not cool or whatever to like Dov and his saucy creations but seriously, when your butt looks that good in SHINY LEGGINGS, I beg you to shut your face.
Now, a big trend I am very much behind is VELVET. I happen to be the proud owner of this double U long sleeved velvet dress and matching stirrup (yup) leggings...no, i will not be wearing them together but I did when I first got them. I was happy to be wrapped up in velvet for an hour...then I got hot.

The next item in this set is the ice skating ballerina dress, it's just cute. What more do you want me to say? ...no bra..ok thats the real reason. Finally, the last wonderful addition to my AA personal collection is that FRINGED oversized T dress. I have it in white. I look like Dolly Parton, esp with those bad boys of mine.

Anyways, thats my year round up of things I favoured...
1. A smelly, timeless, fun dress
2. Ethical fashion..esp when free (that stuff ain't cheap!)
3. American Apparel in all its stretchy, sexed up goodness


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