Saturday, January 29, 2011

When you were mine

While avoiding the cold here in Montreal, pottering about the house, filing, organizing, researching random shit such as the Haitian Zombies video by the sexy drug addict (I am not condoning...) Hamilton Morris' Pharmacopeia piece:
Anyhoo, I'm really into tights. Most people who know me know I rarely wear regular trousers, I own two pairs of jeans and most of my nylons are in a pretty desparate situation. Nonetheless, I recently acquired a pair of delectable over-the-knee 20denier nylons with, get this, back seam running up...well, just check it:
I also got this great and very versatile army green silk top, wearing it with literally everything at the mo. The talons are my YSL brogues, so shiny.
I think they're pretty trampy to be honest but I know they'll make an appearance on the streets of this fair city once the weather warms...49 days...spring countdown

Also this past week we all got to enjoy at an arm's length the Paris shows, my favorite was Tisci's collection of Japanese warrior-inspired couture for Givenchy. Have a peak here:
My favorite (and very unwearable) creation:
This week I got to take in the amazing Robyn show at Metropolis which was bananas, she was wearing these mental mummy-like leggings and industrial-looking bomber, so fierce and adorably swedish as well. You can't see her, but check out the lights! woowee!
Also got style snapped at the Funkytown after-premier party by the lovely and gorge Lolitta for the Clin D'Oeil blog site: Vintage Valentino makes another appearance!

What a fashionable week! Woot!
Hope you all have a good weekend ;)

collective concepts silk top, gap tartan skirt, YSL brogues, over-the-knee LC nylons
Bubby Sara's mink fur stole, AA skirt, D&G glasses

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I want to show myself as I am

The title isn't meant to be narcissistic, actually, it's a quote by one of the most influential and one of the last couture designers, ever. It is only appropriate in that case, to then show you a bit about my favorite designer, the last great emperor of fashion, Mr. Valentino Garavani himself.
The best part about his pieces are the simple elegant details, the attention to the form, use of the best quality appliqué. So, I got my hands on some, my first piece by Valentino! Excuse the drama, but I'm in love with this late 70s-early 80s top, from the gather at the sequined bow on the hip, dramatic shoulders and rhinestone-encrusted buttons at the cuffs.
Anyways, enjoy.
A creation I picked up over the holidays at The Paperbag Princess in Toronto As they were holding a fabulous sale, I managed to get my hands on this beaut. Ms. Mason also had a very cute dog who is apparently as famous as the stocked boutique based in Beverly Hills and a second location in my hometown. Check out the detail on the bow.
Irony...the Valentino film just came on! Perfect.
This is a pretty hilarous film, better known for documenting the career and relationship between Valentino Garavani and his lover and career-spanning colleague, Giancarlo Giammetti. The man says some pretty hysterical stuff, insightful as well as naive about his position in the fashion industry, and well versed as well in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Two things stand out for me, the stunning gown worn by Caroline Winberg in Valentino's Spring Couture show in 2006. The second, Valentino giving a criticism to the apprentice designer (during the takeover of his label) during a fitting, with the gown's length ending just above the ankles. He says this gown showing the ankles is "the ugliest dress in my entire career". The Last Emperor (2008), see it. If not for the quotes but for his ever evolving tan.
Merci Mr. Valentino Garavani, my favorite couturier.

wearing Valentino vintage top, faux leather dress & stacked platform wedges (LC)