Monday, December 27, 2010

and in the end...

Less than a week to go to the end of 2010. The wind is howling outside my window and with zero motivation to step into the skin blistering cold-I've decided I'd rather preserve my complexion thanks- I thought I would make a small compilation to take us into the new year...

things I've been reading, doing, seeing, eating, wearing, listening to..............

The end of 2010.

pots of seafood and malasian chicken

oversized sweaters
knee socks
taking trips
tim burton
long walks
bright colours
fur fur fur

miu miu

staying in
keeping warm

black swan
mordecai richler


bridge-accessible homes
cabs cabs cabs...

late nights
early mornings
french toast and warm maple syrup
bagels, lox, cream cheese & capers
Bitches Brew (finally)
cashmere jumpers
late afternoon films....

and more to come.
wishing everyone the happiest of holidays, memorable-and stress-free-new years
just don't show up in the same outfit as me

...bitch please.

xxx BIAS

Thursday, December 16, 2010

a sweet revenge. a righteous reflection.

Loooook in the liiiight.
Speaking, thinking, watching, listening.
Life takes it's turns.
Best thing out of this...
Loosing the ...weight!
I'm back.
I realized it's time to start.
Again. So, here's my latest.

I always love the end of a year.
I think everyone kindof does. Other than taking out the trash from the last year, bad or good, you can always count on those year end lists that recap the best video, album, book, film, series, band, product, trend etc. etc. etc.

And I am not referring to The Social Network...

SO as we recap the year you ask yourself what were you doing in 2010?
What were you reading?

I always like to start with a little luxury.


rose lace cami, AA thigh highs
faux leather panel skirt, sequin jacket, favorite clogs
paris vogue.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bitch in a Suit: How to: The Summer Wedding

We all know with summer comes wedding. So although this may be late in the season, for those who are preparing for their last few bashes heading into Autumnal weddings-just add a wrap or ironically thick shoulder-padded blazer; which looks surprisingly good btw. Not uber-fug à la mommy BIAS in 1985 with a dashing baroque embossed print...but, I digress.

This past weekend we were fortunate enough to go to the fabulous wedding of our fabulous friends Kendra & Dean Brauer née Ross. It's all about the bright colours people and vintage gowns this BIAS

Friday, July 16, 2010


Well kids the time is here. We've been luck enough to have friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers and new fans (!) enjoy and fall in love the enigma that is BITCH IN A SUIT.

The filming was a fabulous and grueling experience (only because of the early wake up call!) but we had the most wonderful cast and crew who were in it simply because they loved the project! It was truly a labour of love.

This video is a window into the persona that is Bitch in a Suit, a strong, bitchy woman who gets what she wants, no matter what. So here is a very brief breakdown of what you can expect to see in this short video clip.

1) The title. So you know exactly what you are about to see. Self-explanatory.
2) It was a bit hot so I needed a the Opium room. By three very hot, tuxedoed men.
3) Just making sure they are aware who they should be paying attention to...a knowing look. A parasol...just in case it rains.
4) A fan approaches. She gets the once-over...
5) Slightly unimpressed. Mid once-over.
6) ...and of course. THOSE boots. À la Sharon Stone...
So without further delay please enjoy the video below for Bitch in a Suit's title track: Bitch in a suit.

Over 700 views and counting and it hasn't even been a week! wowza!!


Friday, June 11, 2010

A fabulous update

An exciting couple of weeks have passed and so this will be a long entry-sit tight kids, this one's a goodie.

I've been fortunate enough to fall back into the true (corporate) realms of the fashion industry, so with that, I went to my first preview September issue presentation with Flare magazine.

Editor in chief, Lisa Tant, outlined the upcoming fall
trends, showing us the tweedy designs of Marc Jacobs, Ungaro's pasties,
Karl Lagerfel
d's soggy faux fur everything and of course, the late (Lee) Alexander McQueen.

The usual musings of the platform shoe making its comeback, th
e feminine silhouette, celebrated
(once more) by designers such as Prada and Oscar de la Renta....surprised? No, neither was I. Then onwards to giving the obligatory highlight of local Canadian designers, Gagnon, Barila, and um, Joe Fresh.Is anyone
else still holding out for the revolution? After this recession and with the slow climb back into greatness, the fashion industry is still far from that pedistal.

Until then we should pay dues to those who are making it WERK...sorry, making incredible strides. the new celebrated darlings of the fashion industry: the stylist.


The new celebrated darlings of the industry, Alaistair McKimm, Jane How, Nicola Formichetti and Karl Templer are the ones owed the accolades
and rounds of applause. In modern -shall we say?-magazines, they are showing you how to wear the garment, be creative, translating a personality and personal style-that is what's really getting me h-o-t at the moment.

Magazines like Purple, Another and Interview (which by the way, have been around for quite a while-Interview is the magazine created by Andy Warhol for those who don't know, it's amazing) they are showing an alternative side to fashion, culture and art where the likes of Voue, Elle and Harper's either fall short or just aim for the mainstream masses; and how boring is that??

Anyways, enough of my rant. I'll just leave you with those thoughts, if anything, go buy a magazine. Print media is a dying breed....and look at me...blogging.

BIAS music has had some exciting (& exotic) developments-I'll start with the most recent. With the summertime here, Montreal ( scorching in the streets, the music turns up, the hemlines are shorter, no more opaque binding tights, a little more sweating that I would prefer but, it's a pretty good time all around. At this point, we are listening to alot of p
op, electro and reggae, which I pretty much grew up on so that with all this extra Vitamin D, makes me wanna dance. So I felt I would share some of my top picks to check out:
So on repeat in my head right now is;
1) Prince's I could never take the place of your man. I mean the man is an icon, an amazing pop star (over 50!) and huge sex appeal, seriously go rent Purple Rain, I know it's been a while but fuck me, that man was hot stuff.

2) Robyn's Dancing on my own:
This amazing swedish delight has come back with an amazing, fabtastic and super fun track. As well to note, the video is great, if you want to catch some current fashion making waves, take note of the A.Wang sweatshirt dress (hot!) and the K.Lagerfeld earring/brooch...just watch it and drool.

3) Finally, Black Uhuru. My main man introduced me to this ultra-talented 70s Brixton-based reggae band complete with fantastic lyrics-propa island musiq-and the drummer & bassist have apparently played on THOUSANDS of peoples songs-definitely worth getting into if that's your sort of thing. But, common mon, who doesn't love some reggae beats in the summer?

....Speaking of reggaeton...

BIAS has recorded a reggae track of her own-we are just in the process of adding some SAX (!) so stay tuned, this should be flipping
Now, I hope I h
aven't lost you. I know I've given you a pretty thorough update, but I've saved the best for last.

Over May 30, 2010, a crew of about 10, nutty talent showcase of 20 and the odd lingering friends popping in and out to show their support (and get in on the rider...), Bitch in a Suit created it's debut videoclip for the title track, Bitch in a Suit. Influenced by Dallas, 70s soft
(porn) lighting-for a modern connection see Gucci's 2008 ad with Blondie's Heart of Glass. Our 'cast' came from all walks of life, literally (thank you craigslist-anyone see Funny People-Tom from myspace has lots of friends but Craig from craigslist has weirder ones? Go see it, so unexpected)....................

Anyways, so our cast was fabulous, we had some 80s throwback, some hipster wear, 90s ghetto fabulosity and golden boobies-you'll have to catch the premier to see what I'm talking about.

(PS. this is what you get when you type in ghetto girls-i was going to go for more bling but this will do)

We will also be posting some superb behind the scenes footage so stay tuned for that as well. I will leave you now with a still of yours truely...

Just a taste:


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

s/s blues

Living in a city like Montreal means that sometimes, the weather is unpredictable. One day you're tightless, wearing you favorite ra-ra skirt and loose blouse, feeling the wind in your massive hair, the next...

...'s flipping 'snow showering'.

At least in the UK it's predictably raining for most of the time. I know I'll need to bring my umbrella, literally every day.


Dress; vintage
belt; vintage
shoes; payless (eep!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BIAS takes the stage

Not that Bitch in a Suit needs an introduction or an explanation but I thought I would fill those of you in on the going's on with the orbital events this figure participates in. Although I wish I was more of an avid blogger (perhaps that will change...stay tuned) the music of Bitch in a Suit is really the jumping off point for this luscious diva.

Now, I don't mean to brag but seriously this event SURLESCHANTIERS ( finally took it's climax (sorry Patti Clit & The Vulvotronics...real name, don't ask) once Bitch in a Suit took the stage.
Set in an old bathhouse (definitely the BIAS style) all the acts were from each corner of their discipline from a high maintenance band (L'Ours), fabulous acrobatics and circus freaks to pop art, the amazing Pachyderm Experience and of course, us.

Now, enough chatter, I hope you'll enjoy some photos from the gig below.

You'll note the three outfits:

1. Sequined jacket (vintage 69), 1 oversized gold earring (topshop), gold chain (gift
), black top (Fb), black tulled skirt with crinoline netting & gold chain (river island), black thigh high boots (random store on Mont Royal), oversized shades (Portobello Market)

2. Chanel-style jacket with leopard trim (Dawson College, costume dept) with handcrafted single (over) embellished shoulderpad (amazeballs), gold aviators (ray ban)

3. Fur stole (inheritance from gr.grandmother, monogrammed)

It's been a whale of a time.
Until the next show (end May) stay posted on all BIAS music and entertainment news via:
Become a fan...i know you already are.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The year in perspective?

To be honest, that title is a little misleading. I'm not really going to go over the things that inspired me to change jobs or cut my hair or move house/country or anything that sounds like a horoscope.
I decided to think about the top 3 things, or groups of things (hey, it's my blog, I make up the rules) that I might have donned which has an influence on my choices this past year...I know, very vague....keep reading.

Ok, so what we have here is a frock I've worn to death in 2009 and yet, investment piece! I like an old cocktail-style dress à la Bubby Molly (don't ask questions. You should know Bubby Molly) where you can add your own current look to it. You might be going through a terrible fashion phase at the moment (which many of you are, let's be honest, it's a new year) but if you find something to add to a simple, timeless dress, you will see many many years ahead with your now (I'm sure) smelly attire.

I chose a leather bomber (Brick Lane somewhere), tights and Longchamp. Oh, and this topshop dress has little épaulettes on the sleeves...too cute, but you can't see it here. I'll style this up for you another time for a full view.

The next divine items on this random list of 'perspective' is ethical fashion!! OK, so everyone went absolutely bananas over ethical fashion with designers or celebs (Emma Watson, Natalie Portman, Stella...obv. etc.) agreeing to design ranges and products and sticking their face to everything they could find that had the words 'ethical' or 'green'.

I was very fortunate enough to be at the heart of the ethical fashion front lines by working for Terra Plana (followed by Soul of Africa) where I managed (thanks to my sample size feet! JOY!) to try literally every pair that was made; these Maples are by far my favorite.

We also had some wonderful friends, one being Katherine Hamnett and the girls who were very sweet to me and sent a couple Tees my way (one being the 'Stay Alive in 85' top which I happend to be wearing the same day this picture of SJPeePee was in the London Paper. When you're on a packed train, trust me, this is embarassing)

People Tree and Del Forte were also friends of the brand and although these images aren't from their collections, they are great brands to know and are inspired by their designs. Plus I just love jeggings (jeans+leggings)'ll catch a glimpse of that here at some point...and they are toight!

Finally....American Apparel!
I know it's not cool or whatever to like Dov and his saucy creations but seriously, when your butt looks that good in SHINY LEGGINGS, I beg you to shut your face.
Now, a big trend I am very much behind is VELVET. I happen to be the proud owner of this double U long sleeved velvet dress and matching stirrup (yup), i will not be wearing them together but I did when I first got them. I was happy to be wrapped up in velvet for an hour...then I got hot.

The next item in this set is the ice skating ballerina dress, it's just cute. What more do you want me to say? bra..ok thats the real reason. Finally, the last wonderful addition to my AA personal collection is that FRINGED oversized T dress. I have it in white. I look like Dolly Parton, esp with those bad boys of mine.

Anyways, thats my year round up of things I favoured...
1. A smelly, timeless, fun dress
2. Ethical fashion..esp when free (that stuff ain't cheap!)
3. American Apparel in all its stretchy, sexed up goodness