Thursday, December 16, 2010

a sweet revenge. a righteous reflection.

Loooook in the liiiight.
Speaking, thinking, watching, listening.
Life takes it's turns.
Best thing out of this...
Loosing the ...weight!
I'm back.
I realized it's time to start.
Again. So, here's my latest.

I always love the end of a year.
I think everyone kindof does. Other than taking out the trash from the last year, bad or good, you can always count on those year end lists that recap the best video, album, book, film, series, band, product, trend etc. etc. etc.

And I am not referring to The Social Network...

SO as we recap the year you ask yourself what were you doing in 2010?
What were you reading?

I always like to start with a little luxury.


rose lace cami, AA thigh highs
faux leather panel skirt, sequin jacket, favorite clogs
paris vogue.

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