Saturday, August 6, 2011

What's in a number?

There has been loads of news lately showcasing beauty in it's various forms  and although I wish I could be beautiful for all of you today, I unfortunately have some sort of illness which I suspect is strep-thanks to whoever gave that to me!! This'll be a bit of a mess as I'm slightly delirious but... Anyhoo. 

I've pulled out this series in my Missoni-inspired dress & vintage slip which works miracles, seriously, spanx in dress-form. Thank you Lustre Boutique (4068 boulevard St-Laurent), love this one!  Also trying out this scarf, whatever, I'm rocking the "raggamuffin" look. Haters be hatin.


So since the title of this post is all about age, new, old, middle aged, vintage, however you want to position it, look at these HOTTIES. WERK JANE!!
 Jane Fonda X Harper's in McCartney
The fabulous Liza Minnelli shot by Terry Richardson, raunchy!! Look at her, giving the finger, she's over 70!! Ok fine, my 86 y-o Bubby is constantly flipping the bird at me but for a magazine??! Haha! I love it. Now you all know where the inspiration for BIAS comes from, if it didn't SLAP YOU IN THE FACE before...ok you must be thick.

Miz Minnelli X Terry Richardson 
Miz Minnelli X Terry Richardson
Miz Minnelli X Terry Richardson
Miz Minnelli & Terry Richardson
On the flipside, here is a young girl causing a stir amongst the fashion and pedo communities. I mean really, I was waaaaaayyyyy sluttier at this age. She gives good face and it probably won't last forever. SO blame the mother! That's what I always do!

Thylane Loubry Blondeau X Tom Ford X French Vogue credit: fashionpolice (irony? no.)
For good measure: My gal, Joan 9 credit: dailymail
David Bailey is probably one of the most prolific photographers of our time and going back, way back to the 60s (I know, that's far) you can find some of his most stunning work. Before he was snapping Kate Moss, Bailey would be part of the subject matter with some of his muses, more specifically Jane Shrimpton. This gal is crazy beautiful and Bailey is a genius. Whatever. Just look and drool.


Jean Shimpton X Bailey credit:yourheartisripshit

On to music...what I'm into...v.abbrv.

It's been FOR-EV-ER since I listened to Sublime but it gives me serious pangs of desire to be 15 again and at camp and obsessing over boys and making the desperate trek across the girls camp threshold in my layers of socks at 2am....I digress. Ok not much has changed but they've come out with new music and it sort of made me dance around. Ah, nostalgia...Panic X Sublime with Rome

Found 45s, note: Bette Midler's The Rose.
The music issue 

Now go and enjoy this lovely weather we're having. I unfortunately cannot due to my affliction but I will still indulge with Bukowsky on my balcony and be extra obnoxious.


vintage slip and crochet dress, Lustre
Platform wedges, Kenzo
Headscarf, Gucci
Aviators, Ray Ban
Quilted fringe tassle bag, vintage

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The brighter the better

This heatwave is killing me. Specifically as a hyperhidrosis sufferer but partly because as I find myself back in the city, I just want to be by a lake/pool and here in Montreal, that proves quite difficult. With schools out for the summer, making an attempt to sit poolside also welcomes dirty children running over my body while I just try and relax while drinking my DC (or diet coke for those who don't know the abbrev.) and reading the highly recommended -and darkly hysterical- Lolita by Nabokov. It's a nightmare. So, I'm sticking to my lovely little garden on my balcony and getting lost in Humbert's fantastical road trip. Oh, and putting together silly and equally colourful outfits.

Along with the rest of the world, I've been following closely the stories of the day, Strauss-Kahn, acquitted baby-killer and party mom Casey Anthony and finally, my favourite, the demise of the News of the World tabloid and downfall of Rupert Murdoch's empire with the help of The Guardian newspaper-yippeeeee!! Charlie Brooker explains this well...

What really has been keeping me nice and occupied, is the Cobra Snake's shop. A hipster's paradise, filled with pages and pages of vintage rocker tees, cropped skirts, kooky shades, sexy girls, Peaches Geldof and men in drag. At least just have a look. Especially at this chick. She scares me a bit.

 oh style rookie...where the heck did you get this?? But it's so summery!! :D
 A bit of nudity never hurt anyone. sukiwaterhouseXjameskelly_purplediary.
Saw this at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Ti amo Fellini you crazy man.

Apparently yellow is a 'big colour' of the season. so here you go.

OK KIDS! I better head off. Gotta work on my tan and record some tunes. Stay 'tuned'. Oy.


Look 1: Vince silk knit T, H&M tangerine skinnies, vintage blue suede pumps, vintage snakeskin belt
Look 2: Spitalfields market flower sun dress
Look 3: D&G specs, DKNY bandeau, vintage lemon blazer, zara pleated skirt, YSL brogues

Monday, May 16, 2011

gratuitous man-repelling.

 Oh boy. If Leandra could see me now.

Mental UK-inspired facinator, sure to repel. Check.

Over-the-top all over sequined jacket with exaggerated shoulders. Check...

 Crazy-ass vagine-enhancing silky and high waisted trousers. Oh yes. Check.

To be honest, I quite enjoy walking down the street, with a mad strut on, behind my shades and noticing all the 'jealous' faces. HA HA!
As the rain has been consistently falling for about three days and according to my iPhone and the weather network, we are destined to enjoy this misery for the rest of the week. But, no bother, I'll just put on silly outfits and dance around and show them to all of you and the new things I have found over the past little while.
Terra Plana juniper nude and quilted heels
Ok now add a bit of something extra shiny just for good measure!

Anyways, enough dress's the round up...

Ira Cohen is an amazing photographer who has been documenting the movers and shakers for the past 50 odd years from a different, psychedelic and intimate perspective. The man spent the 1960s in Tangiers amongst the company of William S. Burroughs and Paul Bowles while experiencing,... 

       well, what do you expect to experience with the drug/alcohol addicted author? I'll just leave that to your imagination, or check out wikipedia. 

He passed away past this month and The Guardian (link) is displaying an offering of his diverse life's work. Here's a favourite of mine of Burroughs with a python, check it as well as a few other gems:

 Allen Ginsberg
 Jimi Hendrix
 "Master Musicians"
"Street Urchin" (literally what this oeuvre is called .... can I bum a cig?)

Ira Cohen_credit: The Guardian

Next, this is a bit silly but pretty funny. I'm not a fan of Jen Aniston, I find her rather irritating actually with her perfect figure (in that orange viv westwood number) and water promoting. 
She just did a viral video with SmartWater that seriously made me laugh out loud. Maybe this rain is getting to me but for a giggle:

Now this may be a bit late in the game but the film by David Lachapelle Rize (link) came on the other night and I really got into it. Aside from the rock hard bodies of these dancers, the opening of the film reads: the footage in this film has not been sped up in any way. Serious talent. 

Alice Ridley's Amazing Grace (who interestingly-or not really actually-was last seen on America's Got Talent) was stunning as I am currently appreciating the gospel. 
I love the rest of the soundtrack as well, even Aggy makes an appearance, bless her. Also, Dizzee Rascale track 'Fix Up, Look Sharp' is fun. Check it out if you haven't already!

On more music news, a producer friend who has been producing up and coming talent in the UK and writing for #1 pop bands has shared a little gem with me. BlakStar is this sexy young thing from up north who has been touted as the English Drake, only better looking. Is that even possible? Check out the band Playground Mafia 

Have a listen here to BlakStar's own tracks:
Sexy break-it-down, bump 'n grind RnB tune with sweet flow and loop. HOT.

Wicked fun dance tune. If you like a little hip hop/electro/rap, you'll get into this. Très catchy.

EdTempleton_collage credit:
Give me some gaga any day. Especially when she's looking this mental!!
Have to say this, never seen gaga's boobs look so good! Normally seen squished, taped, or mummified beyond recognition, these tatas look bright and perky. Also loving the motif, veil & cape, so Phantom of the Opera! Well played.
Hommage to my childhood t shirts!
LaraStoneXVMag. Love it! So hot.
ReuppedXErikParker (collettegalleryparis)

I'll end there with a bit of colour as an appreciation for all the wonderful bright cosmic colours that have arrived for spring. I heart colour blocking. So fun.

Oh, and this.
credit: TerryRichardson

Well it wouldn't be Bitch in a Suit without a bit of vulgarity.

Don't forget your umbrella.


shoes: Terra Plana
harem trousers: H&M
Vintage sequinned jacket: Vintage 69
Bra: Lejaby 
Fascinator & headband: LC
Necklace & belt: Vintage gift & bubby