Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The brighter the better

This heatwave is killing me. Specifically as a hyperhidrosis sufferer but partly because as I find myself back in the city, I just want to be by a lake/pool and here in Montreal, that proves quite difficult. With schools out for the summer, making an attempt to sit poolside also welcomes dirty children running over my body while I just try and relax while drinking my DC (or diet coke for those who don't know the abbrev.) and reading the highly recommended -and darkly hysterical- Lolita by Nabokov. It's a nightmare. So, I'm sticking to my lovely little garden on my balcony and getting lost in Humbert's fantastical road trip. Oh, and putting together silly and equally colourful outfits.

Along with the rest of the world, I've been following closely the stories of the day, Strauss-Kahn, acquitted baby-killer and party mom Casey Anthony and finally, my favourite, the demise of the News of the World tabloid and downfall of Rupert Murdoch's empire with the help of The Guardian newspaper-yippeeeee!! Charlie Brooker explains this well...

What really has been keeping me nice and occupied, is the Cobra Snake's shop. A hipster's paradise, filled with pages and pages of vintage rocker tees, cropped skirts, kooky shades, sexy girls, Peaches Geldof and men in drag. At least just have a look. Especially at this chick. She scares me a bit.

 oh style rookie...where the heck did you get this?? But it's so summery!! :D
 A bit of nudity never hurt anyone. sukiwaterhouseXjameskelly_purplediary.
Saw this at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Ti amo Fellini you crazy man.

Apparently yellow is a 'big colour' of the season. so here you go.

OK KIDS! I better head off. Gotta work on my tan and record some tunes. Stay 'tuned'. Oy.


Look 1: Vince silk knit T, H&M tangerine skinnies, vintage blue suede pumps, vintage snakeskin belt
Look 2: Spitalfields market flower sun dress
Look 3: D&G specs, DKNY bandeau, vintage lemon blazer, zara pleated skirt, YSL brogues