Sunday, March 6, 2011

living in black & white

I have always believed that more is certainly more.
More sequins, bows, ruffles, gold, whatever you like, to your taste, because honestly, it's you who's got to walk out the front door everyday.
I know that I usually walk outside and look pretty nuts in my bizarre ensembles, but I guess that's what makes us all individuals.
I picked up this skirt over the holidays at Sense of Independence in Toronto, very cute shop run by a pair of very savvy sisters. I enjoy the thick felt skirt with the front peplum-style ruffle avec a peak of satin. Tres cute.
Also, who doesn't love gingham? At 69 Vintage I got this blk/wht number with the bows which cover the buttons, it's totally a Man Repeller but whatever, it's for you ladies, anyway.
Also been playing around with some red lips again, and silly filters. Merci MacBook Pro, how I waste time the time with you.
Today I got to soak in my Montreal's artsy Mile End creative types, checking out the fabulous creations at the March edition of Puces Pop by Pop Montreal, the 6th art fair. A few wonderful finds; Julia at La Raffinerie had some lovely pieces from vintage pins, these amazing necklaces wrapped in silk ribbon adorned with vintage rings and other trinkets.
These fantastic monster pillows at Velvet Moustache, to spruce up your dull sofa or as a baby shower gift. The girls and I loved Mr. Hou Hou.
Finally, enjoyed Carococo's beautiful prints on cotton handmade paper and in homemade frames, Chasse & Pêche is my favourite.
Some beautiful ceramics, confitures and homemade couture were on display, lots to see and take in.
I always enjoy les puces and look forward to the vintage sale in April! Yay.

This week has been pretty hectic but I think I'm going to relax, regroup for the week ahead and watch
The Craft.
I think we all at one point either wanted to be this one:
But, some of us, including yours truely, always wanted to be the bad ass bitch witch:

Ugh, Skeet Ulrich just got blown out the window. So good.