Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's over.

Happy New Year fond readers!

Well the holiday season has treated us well. Making our way west, Toronto-bound was an experience. Now that we have come and gone, we have eaten, I have apparently shed some weight (stress-related I'm sure...we all know I don't know what exercise means) and drank too many glasses of Champers on NYE2009-10.

Back into reality, people tend to think of January as the 'write-off' month. Well, let's think about it; the first week is done, the second week, people are slowly checking their emails, maybe looking for a new job, eating leftovers...whatever. By the time you get to the third week, you realize January is basically over.

It's a shame really because December is pretty much the same thing.
I'm not going to write a whole thing about the fact that December pretty much ends around the 5th as people get holiday crazy, food crazy and just plain crazy but that's over and done with and not very timely in my opinion.
So, moving forward...

Kids, January is a brilliant month. You realize that there is a whole new year ahead of you, people make resolutions, eat better, stop smoking/drinking/(insert your vice here) and start appreciating the world getting back on track. We're no longer in holiday mode and-thankfully- there aren't any coming up (if you count Valentines, we are no longer speaking) so let's embrace January together.

So here's to 2010, put on that cute outfit you bought over xmas (which you probably can't get into now, greedy...), have cocktail parties with your friends, catch up with them and laugh at all the BS you each had to deal with from family members over the holidays and now:


velvet corseted pearl detail strapless dress-Vintage 69
elastic pyramid studded belt-Mendocino
Fold Hi leather ankle booties- United Nude

Monday, December 21, 2009

party wear. really?

So, the holiday season is upon us. As a Jew, I generally don't get too involved with all of that nonsense. Usually over the holidays, the only way I get into the spirit is with the eating bit. Most people think that over Xmas, all the Jews go to the movies and eat Chinese, but not my family or the past couple of years when I've been thrust in the situation of having to be festively cheerful.
But seriously, over the holidays the best way to stay within the seasons greetings sort of thing is to decorate and throw a dinner party.
This year, I was fortunate enough to share it with a couple of Frenchies, another Jew, my main man and some guy from Northern Ontario. The dinner itself was eventful but the best part was dressing it up.
I'm not going to call myself a Martha Stewart but nothing says the holidays like gold fake tinsel with teeny tiny gold Jewish stars on it, snowflake decorations and a couple more Manorahs and Dreidles.
Anyways, I'm sure this is all very riveting for all you out there but seriously, just know this, any chance a Jew gets to eat, drink and dress up in all the gold and lavish wear they have is a holiday they will celebrate.
Now, I am doing a more modern twist on the season's party get up. I read recently somewhere, I can't remember (Guardian? Elle? Grazia? I don't know) that separates for the parties is a good idea. Not only do you get to wear all the lovely bits on sale that you got during this fabulous time, (or on Asos where the clearance section is my year-long holiday browse) from lovely dramatic skirts and blousy tops, or perhaps you will dare the harem with a sexy plunging neckline to bring it from business to party (think: Mullets), and lots of chunky gold goodness.
So friends, try to spread that holiday cheer around...with separates.

oh and Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Happy Kwanza
Seasons Greetings
Feliz Nadidad
Happy Hannukka

and a very happy New Year


Hot pink blouse with gold detail embellished buttons, Rokit
Structured black waffled skirt with tulle and gold faux belt, River Island
Stacked YSL brogues

Thursday, December 17, 2009

One less cardinal.

Although this guy was quite annoying on stage with his Spacewolf persona (you'd know what I mean if you went to a gig), Chris Feinstein of Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (my favorite, other collabs include Santigold & Albert Hammond Jr.) has just passed away at 42 and the cause of death has yet to be confirmed.

This is sad news. Thank you Spacewolf for a great gig @ Leeds Academy. We had a good time.



He's the one looking confused on the left.

Photo: getty images

Sex and the City 2: The promo shot verdict

Is anyone else contemplating, "what the hell are they thinking?!"
Is SJPeePee the Messiah in Ray Bans? Could they not find a more interesting look for this fashion icon...really, I could order this online from Forever 21. But I won't. Because this look is boorrrring.
After all the 80s hair and costumes -well, it is costume isn't it...I mean seriously, would any designer really want to be whole-heartedly affiliated with this atrocity...she looks like a swedish XXX film reject-I was expecting a bit more dazzle.
Anyhoo, try harder next time PeePee. We know you're the executive something-or-other on this film and have a diva-tude about your clothing choices as Carrie Bradshaw, so make some effort. We're all collectively sighing.


Friday, December 11, 2009


So for me, these trends just simply do not die. Along with a defined and sculpted shoulder, electric blues on black, turbans, gold, studding, embellishments and Vogue, it just seems this era between the mid to late 80s to early 90s is continuing to influence the fashion world. I guess you could say my style is reminiscent of that time since I didn't exactly get to experience it to its potential...it's withdrawal.
Or maybe it's simply because I cannot get these accessories anywhere near this head of mine...


Items in this set:

Christian Louboutin suede boots
Louis Vuitton rabbit ears
Justin de Villeneuve turban

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Motorcycle Jacket

I'm into jackets at the moment, although I think I always am.
I think there are two things that I probably have way too many options of: shoes & jackets.
This is a newer item. It's from my mother's favorite store, Anthropologie and I must say, it's a new favorite of mine.
Slightly overpriced but a couple of really nice pieces.
This jacket is in a motorcycle style with a bulky zip, silver hardware and a crop fit.

Anyways, the wind is howling outside over Mt-Royal, on goes my brown velour Belaggio suit from Las Vegas and a menthol B&H. Dirty.


Dress, American Apparel
Wedges, Kenzo
Jacket, Anthropologie
Belt, American Eagle (hard to see but it's there and chocolate brown)
Necklace, gift

Boulevard St-Laurent

Living in Montreal has been a fabulous experience. People in this city are beautiful and laid back. At the moment, it's good to be back, although I'm sure the charm of this snow will wear off pretty quickly. Ho Hum. At least it's not London rain...

I found this gorgeous hardware studded belt during my last trip home to Toronto. There are these tiny pyramid studs all over it which I'm quite into at the moment...hinting at Balmain perhaps. Anyways, I like this one, it's a bit heroin chic...minus the heroin...minus the skinny à la Moss.
Oh well, it's just chic.

black sweetheart waffled H&M dress
black studded elasticated belt Mendocino


Sometimes you see the world in black and white

Sometimes it's nice to see clean silhouettes, even if you do end up looking like a gothic Jane Fonda.

These are my staple leggings. American Apparel black ribbed lame. I've also got my forest green unitard that makes me feel nine-years-old again. Those three inch brogues are Yves St. Laurent bought at the fabulous Pollyanna in Barnsley, UK. A gold chain, a gift from a friend who lived in Milano for a while.
Yup, gothic Jane Fonda.


It's important to have interests

my interests
credit: www.polyvore.com

Some notable things I included:
YSL Tribute suede sandals
Betsy Johnson skull ring
ASOS platform studded sandals
D&G closed toe platforms
Kurt Geiger Metallic ankle boots
Alexander McQueen skull ring
Louis Vuitton (amazing) cuff

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