Monday, December 21, 2009

party wear. really?

So, the holiday season is upon us. As a Jew, I generally don't get too involved with all of that nonsense. Usually over the holidays, the only way I get into the spirit is with the eating bit. Most people think that over Xmas, all the Jews go to the movies and eat Chinese, but not my family or the past couple of years when I've been thrust in the situation of having to be festively cheerful.
But seriously, over the holidays the best way to stay within the seasons greetings sort of thing is to decorate and throw a dinner party.
This year, I was fortunate enough to share it with a couple of Frenchies, another Jew, my main man and some guy from Northern Ontario. The dinner itself was eventful but the best part was dressing it up.
I'm not going to call myself a Martha Stewart but nothing says the holidays like gold fake tinsel with teeny tiny gold Jewish stars on it, snowflake decorations and a couple more Manorahs and Dreidles.
Anyways, I'm sure this is all very riveting for all you out there but seriously, just know this, any chance a Jew gets to eat, drink and dress up in all the gold and lavish wear they have is a holiday they will celebrate.
Now, I am doing a more modern twist on the season's party get up. I read recently somewhere, I can't remember (Guardian? Elle? Grazia? I don't know) that separates for the parties is a good idea. Not only do you get to wear all the lovely bits on sale that you got during this fabulous time, (or on Asos where the clearance section is my year-long holiday browse) from lovely dramatic skirts and blousy tops, or perhaps you will dare the harem with a sexy plunging neckline to bring it from business to party (think: Mullets), and lots of chunky gold goodness.
So friends, try to spread that holiday cheer around...with separates.

oh and Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Happy Kwanza
Seasons Greetings
Feliz Nadidad
Happy Hannukka

and a very happy New Year


Hot pink blouse with gold detail embellished buttons, Rokit
Structured black waffled skirt with tulle and gold faux belt, River Island
Stacked YSL brogues


  1. i had no idea you had a blog!!! YES YES YES to bitch in a suit!!! LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Agent de presse..."

    Vivian xo