Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sex and the City 2: The promo shot verdict

Is anyone else contemplating, "what the hell are they thinking?!"
Is SJPeePee the Messiah in Ray Bans? Could they not find a more interesting look for this fashion icon...really, I could order this online from Forever 21. But I won't. Because this look is boorrrring.
After all the 80s hair and costumes -well, it is costume isn't it...I mean seriously, would any designer really want to be whole-heartedly affiliated with this atrocity...she looks like a swedish XXX film reject-I was expecting a bit more dazzle.
Anyhoo, try harder next time PeePee. We know you're the executive something-or-other on this film and have a diva-tude about your clothing choices as Carrie Bradshaw, so make some effort. We're all collectively sighing.


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