Saturday, August 6, 2011

What's in a number?

There has been loads of news lately showcasing beauty in it's various forms  and although I wish I could be beautiful for all of you today, I unfortunately have some sort of illness which I suspect is strep-thanks to whoever gave that to me!! This'll be a bit of a mess as I'm slightly delirious but... Anyhoo. 

I've pulled out this series in my Missoni-inspired dress & vintage slip which works miracles, seriously, spanx in dress-form. Thank you Lustre Boutique (4068 boulevard St-Laurent), love this one!  Also trying out this scarf, whatever, I'm rocking the "raggamuffin" look. Haters be hatin.


So since the title of this post is all about age, new, old, middle aged, vintage, however you want to position it, look at these HOTTIES. WERK JANE!!
 Jane Fonda X Harper's in McCartney
The fabulous Liza Minnelli shot by Terry Richardson, raunchy!! Look at her, giving the finger, she's over 70!! Ok fine, my 86 y-o Bubby is constantly flipping the bird at me but for a magazine??! Haha! I love it. Now you all know where the inspiration for BIAS comes from, if it didn't SLAP YOU IN THE FACE before...ok you must be thick.

Miz Minnelli X Terry Richardson 
Miz Minnelli X Terry Richardson
Miz Minnelli X Terry Richardson
Miz Minnelli & Terry Richardson
On the flipside, here is a young girl causing a stir amongst the fashion and pedo communities. I mean really, I was waaaaaayyyyy sluttier at this age. She gives good face and it probably won't last forever. SO blame the mother! That's what I always do!

Thylane Loubry Blondeau X Tom Ford X French Vogue credit: fashionpolice (irony? no.)
For good measure: My gal, Joan 9 credit: dailymail
David Bailey is probably one of the most prolific photographers of our time and going back, way back to the 60s (I know, that's far) you can find some of his most stunning work. Before he was snapping Kate Moss, Bailey would be part of the subject matter with some of his muses, more specifically Jane Shrimpton. This gal is crazy beautiful and Bailey is a genius. Whatever. Just look and drool.


Jean Shimpton X Bailey credit:yourheartisripshit

On to music...what I'm into...v.abbrv.

It's been FOR-EV-ER since I listened to Sublime but it gives me serious pangs of desire to be 15 again and at camp and obsessing over boys and making the desperate trek across the girls camp threshold in my layers of socks at 2am....I digress. Ok not much has changed but they've come out with new music and it sort of made me dance around. Ah, nostalgia...Panic X Sublime with Rome

Found 45s, note: Bette Midler's The Rose.
The music issue 

Now go and enjoy this lovely weather we're having. I unfortunately cannot due to my affliction but I will still indulge with Bukowsky on my balcony and be extra obnoxious.


vintage slip and crochet dress, Lustre
Platform wedges, Kenzo
Headscarf, Gucci
Aviators, Ray Ban
Quilted fringe tassle bag, vintage

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