Tuesday, April 13, 2010

BIAS takes the stage

Not that Bitch in a Suit needs an introduction or an explanation but I thought I would fill those of you in on the going's on with the orbital events this figure participates in. Although I wish I was more of an avid blogger (perhaps that will change...stay tuned) the music of Bitch in a Suit is really the jumping off point for this luscious diva.

Now, I don't mean to brag but seriously this event SURLESCHANTIERS ( http://www.facebook.com/surleschantiers) finally took it's climax (sorry Patti Clit & The Vulvotronics...real name, don't ask) once Bitch in a Suit took the stage.
Set in an old bathhouse (definitely the BIAS style) all the acts were from each corner of their discipline from a high maintenance band (L'Ours), fabulous acrobatics and circus freaks to pop art, the amazing Pachyderm Experience and of course, us.

Now, enough chatter, I hope you'll enjoy some photos from the gig below.

You'll note the three outfits:

1. Sequined jacket (vintage 69), 1 oversized gold earring (topshop), gold chain (gift
), black top (Fb), black tulled skirt with crinoline netting & gold chain (river island), black thigh high boots (random store on Mont Royal), oversized shades (Portobello Market)

2. Chanel-style jacket with leopard trim (Dawson College, costume dept) with handcrafted single (over) embellished shoulderpad (amazeballs), gold aviators (ray ban)

3. Fur stole (inheritance from gr.grandmother, monogrammed)

It's been a whale of a time.
Until the next show (end May) stay posted on all BIAS music and entertainment news via:
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  1. BEST. Jacket. EVER. Did Lucy find that for you? You rock those sequins and shoulder pads. Wish I had been there, I'm the biggest BIAS fan.