Thursday, April 7, 2011

My little secret

Bitch in a Suit giving good face in fierce fur little secret and I'm not giving it away!
Follow me into the most fabulous gem in all of Montreal. Unfortunately, I have been sworn to secrecy on all things holy to not divulge but please enjoy.

This basement was filled with coats & footwear stemming from the 30s-90s. I tried on about 20 different coats in long fox fur, original 50s London Fog trenches, and short bomber leopard. faboosh.
can't go wrong with a bit of mink.
Taking you upstairs, the store is brimming with imported heritage pieces such as handmade quilts, fascinators, jewelry, couture and pieces like this clutch which had flower appliqué pressed behind a plastic cover and a dusty rose lining. So precious.
This place was brimming (pun intended) with an assortment of delicate headpieces like this 70s turban. The positioning of this particular piece of art on is not attributed to my 'fro but due to the foam pieces inside creating that height and shape. Love the pleating as well.
as you can see there are little treasures found in every nook and cranny.

Having a Joan Crawford moment...this one was velvet and real leopard from the 60s.

In addition to the fashion, there was vintage furniture, china, a room of lace, lamps and lampshades, photos and paintings and tons more. We were there for about two hours but I could have spent a week in this place.

I also got these face masks from a wonderful person who was recently in Seoul. I'm very excited to have a little green tea refresher. I can't understand the instructions but I love the little photos, so funny. Thanks CJM! xxx

Getting involved in a few projects in the upcoming weeks, so far, I am very excited to introduce you to Mademoiselle À Montréal. A fabulous collective of the modern feminists, divas like you and me who like to keep up to date on all things fashion, beauty, art, music, culture and anything else under the sun.  Check it out!

Finally, United Nude, innovative, sexy footwear hailing from UK/China, probably one of my favourite contemporary shoe companies. These shoe wizards of sustainable design completed a successful (and insane!) collaboration with Iris Van Herpen on two styles; Crystallization & Synesthesia. Loved by bloggers and celebs alike (lilo!!) these are certainly worth checking out. With a flagship in Amsterdam, NY and Shanghai as well as stores in London, Vienna, Tianjin and Guangzhou, these amazing shoes might be a bit difficult to find, but follow the link and you can find them online. 
Well done United Nude, I am in love. Will add to my collection soon :)

Enjoy the sunshine bitches!
Spring has officially sprung!!

Woop :)


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  1. nice secret. shhhh we will never tell!