Saturday, February 26, 2011

see the world in sequins & colour

Fashion week in Montreal has since come and gone but everyone knows, within the past few years, aside from the actual shows, fashion week has quickly become the haven for fashion students, bloggers, style snappers and the likes. We all come out dressed to the nines, wearing our favourite labels or immaculate re-creations using high street labels and vintage finds hoping to be photographed by the fashion paparazzi. Nowadays, it's not just FT or who spots the hottest at the best shows but Garance, Bryan Boy or this cutie who I spotted at MFW layered Zola Smile Style, in her usual knit brights and dozens of hair art creations.

It's exciting to see this wave of young style ingenues, but not everyone agrees.

My favorite Olivier Zahm says "I HATE THEM ALL" sat next to Mr. Terry Richardson (who happens to have his own photo blog Terry World) at, go figure, a forum event for blog and twitter fanatics. Honestly though, I read Zahm's own blog everyday and quite frankly, he's a hypocrite, a sexy one, but hypocrite nonetheless. He has blogged his way through NY, Paris, Milan shows the past few weeks, at the hottest ticket events this season, shooting all the most in-demand stars and fashion figures around.

I personally made my own effort in several minimalist LC splattered looks and feeling like a cool fashion poser. brap. It was a good time.

Don't I look happy?

Speaking of Terry Richardson (see above) I have been looking into his fashion photographer father's work recently as well. One of Bob's (that was his name) muses and my favourite subject of his, Anjelica Huston posed in several series' of images. I chose a few of my favourites. Certainly a different aesthetic from his son Terry's own photography.

Aside from fashion week, but still very much en vogue, I was introduced (last, after the entire world and my grandmother had heard about it) TED aka Technology Entertainment Design, the ING Direct of education. From business, science, global issues, speakers such as Jamie Kennedy, J.J. Abrams and Moshe Safdie, this will answer any question you've ever had for design and fashion to aerospace and gender. Go online and check this thing out. I have a few here to get you started and I promise, each will at least make you smile and think.

It's a colourful new world whether it's in the fashion world or otherwise from bloggers, fashion photographers and philosophers. The resources available stagger the mind and waste time, but I love every aspect of it.

Whether Olivier Zahm cares about my opinion or not, well he's a sexy french man, he can say whatever he wants.


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