Saturday, February 5, 2011

Radio live transmission

Did I scare you?

Welcome back friend. Apologies for scaring you, don't worry, only my exes think of me in this light, it's not my usual look. Luckily for you, you know me only as a glamorous classy lady, yours truly, Bitch in a Suit.
I have never been one to really be on top of technology except with the iPhone (which we no longer mention...RIP July 2009-June 2010, sadface).
Seeing though as I'm massively challenged in this area, I usually require a more technologically aware friend around-thanks Luce!-to set up my computer and show me all these handy tricks found on the super-sexy new Macbook Pro I acquired for the big 2-5...
So the whole mishpacha banded together and got me this advanced piece of machinery and I am only now discovering the (clearly obvious) cool features mac has put on this application, iPhoto: THE EFFECTS!
This isn't really just a divisive tactic to take silly egocentric photos of oneself (yeah, right) but in actual fact to discuss, that's right ladies and gays, my favourite (aside from shoes, no doubt) the wonderful world of beauty products.
And look! I'm a superhero!! Ridding the world of lame people and spreading my fabulous bitchiness far and wide, to all corners...

The original Bitch ...although my story doesn't involve the mob, we're quite's worth it just for the title song.

I digress.

Getting back on topic, I like to stay clean but unfortunately for me and my ridiculous hair, it is a revolving door with products. Also, I don't know one girl who would say no to a trip to the local shoppers/pharma prix, jean coutu etc...So let's explore.
I have always been an eyeliner sort of gal, well before Wino took it to new extremes, it's been my look since 2005 with variations depending on the occasion.
I haven't been able to enjoy a good lip colour as of late, mostly because guys get funny about getting it on them after kisses, but I've discovered this stain that literally does not come off.

...Until you are making serious attempts to take it off with your electric tooth brush, swaying back and forth in the wee hours of the morning, secretly hoping you don't draw blood until this damn stuff comes off...all in the name of ...

The trick is, the ultimate trick in my opinion, is good brows, if you've got a good frame, you can build from there. No one likes a penciled-on brow and unruly caterpillars are just a clear sign of laziness. Other than that, work it bitch.

Also nails, ladies, crucial, take care of that please, good grooming is essential.

Speaking of...this girl is the ultimate in cleanliness. look how clean she is.
Here's a girlfriend and I getting down to Robyn last weekend, still no photos of the singer herself, but who cares really. Bring it!!

Also, mention from last week-Miss Lolitta's blog, proof in point (we went to this directly after Robyn, I'm clean, remember?) Rocking the late 70s-early 80s look. Turbans are so hot, you just can't go wrong. Can you?

Finally got to see this equally horrific, disturbing and beautiful film this week. Wow, go check it out. Although, I'm not sure if I'd recommend it to everyone. If you are comfortable with graphic, literal sex, extreme mutilation and talking animals-chaos reigns-then check this out. Plus who doesn't love Willem Dafoe? Gainsbourg won the best actress award at the Cannes festival for her performance as well in 2009, watching a woman go mad and controlled by the evil of nature? Right up my alley.

Now kids, what better way to start your saturday night and leave you with this, come on, join me! Have a glass of wine and a quick dance, you won't regret it:

Fashion Week next week-should make for a few good stories, until then...
Enjoy your weekend mes poules!!


Maybelline stiletto line liquid liner & superstay lip colour in everylasting wine
LC leopard turban headband
Vintage frames

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